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Emailsjablonen voor onboarding van SaaS-producten

Klanten onboarding is één van de meest kritische touchpoints voor elk SaaS-bedrijf. Door uw klanten alle tools, middelen en kennis te geven die ze nodig hebben om te slagen met uw product of dienst, is dit de beste manier om ervoor te zorgen dat ze blijven bestaan ​​en klanten voor de lange termijn worden. Veel bedrijven stoppen echter ten onrechte hun onboarding-inspanningen te vroeg (vaak na het verzenden van een enkele welkomstemail voor onboarding). Welkomstemails kunnen een geweldige eerste indruk maken, maar ze garanderen geen klantensucces en houden geen klanten vast.

Saas onboarding emailsjabloon LiveAgent
SaaS onboarding email van LiveAgent

Het ontwikkelen en implementeren van goed doordachte onboarding emails zal resulteren in meer betrokkenheid, verbeterde klantenervaring, hogere retentiepercentages, betere levenslange klantenwaarde en hogere inkomsten. Het is zelfs bekend dat het verzenden van meerdere onboarding emails gemiddeld 51% meer inkomsten oplevert dan een enkele welkomstmail.

Een effectieve SaaS-onboarding emailreeks moet een reeks emails bevatten die nieuwe klanten een verscheidenheid aan nuttige informatie bieden – tutorials, videogidsen, tips voor productgebruik, best practices, casestudy’s – of iets anders dat klanten kan informeren en hen kan helpen het maximale te halen waarde van uw product of dienst. Hieronder vindt u 8 emailsjablonen voor onboarding van producten die u kunt gebruiken in uw eigen emailseries voor onboarding van klanten, die verder gaan dan alleen het verwelkomen van uw nieuwe klanten.

Onderwerpregels van email voor productintroductie

  • Laten we aan de slag gaan met [Product]
  • Hoe [voordeel] te starten met [Product]
  • Professionele tips voor het zetten van de volgende stap met [Product]
  • 3 snelle tips om u op weg te helpen met [Product]
  • Haal het meeste uit [Product / service]
  • Hoe u [Product] gebruikt om [een specifiek doel te bereiken]
  • Top 5 dingen die u moet weten over [Product]
  • [Naam], laten we u op weg helpen!
  • 99% van onze klanten kan niet zonder
  • Haal het maximale uit [Product] – gratis eBook erin!
  • Aan de slag met [Product] – gratis live training
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8 Emailsjablonen voor productintroductie

Handige bronnen delen

Hi [Name],

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to [complete setting up your account/ navigate around, etc.].

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sending you a few more emails to help you get the most out of [Product/ service]. We’ll be sharing helpful tips, checking in with you, and showing you how some of our customers use [Product/ service] to [achieve specific goals].
For now, here are our best resources that might help you get started:
Step-by-Step [Product/ service] Guide
Knowledge Base & Video Tutorials
Frequently Asked Questions
Community Forum

If you have any questions, problems, or concerns – please feel free to reach out and ask before getting frustrated.


Aan de slag met product / service

Hi [Name],

We built [Product/ service] to help businesses [overcome certain pain points/ reach specific goals] and I hope that we can achieve that for you.

Here are some of the most important first steps I recommend taking to get started with [Product/ service]:

Step 1: [details]
Step 2: [details]
Step 3: [details]
Step 4: [details]

We also put together a short video for you to learn the ins and outs of [Product/ service]. You can check it out here: The Complete [Product/ service] Guide (in less than 10 minutes)

If you have any questions or hit any bumps in the road, please reply to this email, start a chat with our support team or visit our Help Center – we’re here for you 24/7.


De ‘Pro-tips’ email

Hi [Name],

Glad to see that you’re up and running with [Product/ service]!

In the next few emails, I’ll be sending you some tips to help you leverage the power of [Product/ service]. [Using top features, setting up automation, managing third-party integrations, etc.] – I’ll walk you through all that and more. Keep an eye on your inbox so you don’t miss a thing!

To get started, here’s a quick heads up on the three things that will save you a bunch of time in the long run:

Pro Tip 1: [details]
Pro Tip 2: [details]
Pro Tip 3: [details]

P.S. In the next email I’m going to show you how to [use a certain feature to reach a specific goal].

If you ever have any questions, I’m here to help – just hit reply.

Until next time,

De email ‘Boek een demo’

Hi [Name],

As a new user, you’re now able to [use advanced product features to reach specific goals].

I want to help you get started by offering you a free one on one walkthrough of [Product/ service].

People in the past have found these sessions to prove both useful and helpful in highlighting the key features of [Product/ service] and also managed to gain some tips and tricks along the way. These walkthroughs usually last between 20-30 minutes, with plenty of time for questions.

To book an appointment, please click here and choose the most suitable time for you. Alternatively, let me know what time works for you.

Once again, thank you for choosing [Product/ service].

De ‘Hoe anderen het doen’ email

Hi [Name],

Many people using [Product/service] for the first time are overwhelmed by its potential, but they aren’t immediately sure of how it can help them [achieve specific goals].

That’s why today I want to share a quick video that tells the story of [Other customer’s name], [Job role] at [Company]. He shares a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how he uses [Product/ service] to [reach desired goals].

I think it’ll give you some cool ideas for how you can get the most out of your new [Product/ service].

Watch the Video Here

Hopefully, you‘ve been rocking it with [Product/ service] so far. And who knows, maybe you’ll be our next success story!


De email ‘Lees ons gratis eBook’

Hi [Name],

Have you ever downloaded a free eBook?

Of course, you have! Who hasn’t? But have you ever actually read an eBook that you downloaded?
If you’re like most busy [marketers/ salespeople/ business owners, etc.], the answer is a resounding no! Why? Because most eBooks are too long, too boring, and offer little if any value.

Fortunately, our eBooks are not like that. Today I’d like to share with you one of the most popular resources we’ve ever put out: [Name of the eBook].

It’s packed with actionable tips and tricks for getting the most out of your [marketing/ sales, etc.] strategies that you can apply today. The best part? We’ve written it so you can easily read it on your lunch break and take action immediately after returning to your desk.

Download Your Free eBook Now


Email met uitnodiging voor webinar

Hi [Name],

[Product] is the [engine/ platform/ tool] that helps you [listing key benefits of your product or service]. We’re also here to provide tons of great resources to set you up for success, starting now.

Join us for a webinar, “Getting Started with [Product]”. A Customer Success Coach will guide you through [Product] to ensure you get the most value, as soon as possible.

Register Now

We also have a variety of [lessons/ tutorials/ guides] to teach you how to use [Product’s features] at your own pace and can be viewed at any time.


Email met uitnodiging voor live training

Hey [Name],

If you’re like most [marketers/ sales managers/ e-tailers, etc.], you’re focused on [performing specific actions to reach specific goals]. The truth is, it isn’t easy, and it isn’t always quick. But it is possible when you have the right strategies in place.

Today I want to tell you about a free live training I’m hosting:

Link to a Free Live Training Registration

In it, I’ll discuss how some of our customers like [Customer 1, Customer 2, and Customer 3] are using [Product/ service] to [achieve specific goals]. You’ll gain insights and actionable practices from industry leaders that you can put into action right away.

I would LOVE for you to attend. Even if you can’t join live, register now and I’ll send you the recorded webcast that you can watch at your convenience.


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Frequently asked questions

Is SaaS een product of een service?

SaaS staat voor Software as a Service. SaaS is een softwareproduct dat via internet wordt geleverd. De SaaS-provider host de applicatie op hun servers.

Wat is de ideale lengte van een SaaS-product onboarding email?

De meest succesvolle SaaS-onboarding emails zijn tussen de 6 en 12 zinnen.

Wat zijn voorbeelden van SaaS?

Enkele voorbeelden van SaaS zijn Mailchimp, Slack, LiveAgent en Salesforce.

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